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Little Mappers

Advancing Orthographic Mapping Theory: Connecting Spoken and Written English.
Accelerated Early Reading for Pleasure for Toddlers: The Toddler Project

Speech Sound Mapping Therapy with Babies and Toddlers

1:1 Packaged with Miss Emma
(online or in Dorset)

Most of the time, your toddler will be exploring words with you, but as I get to know them I can start creating bespoke videos and games for them.


What matters is that we use words that relate to their interests. Engagement is key.

Although some very much limit screen time, for some children, e.g., those with speech delays, dyslexia, ADHD, and who are autistic, it can open doors


Speech Sound Mapping Therapy Training for those Working with Babies and Toddlers
(before they start learning phonics)

Request in-house training  

  • Prices depend on the number of participants.

  • Base price: £245 per two-hour session plus a price per head.

Invitation only support group for professionals who are including Speech Sound Mapping in their roles as teachers, educational psychologists and speech therapists

Speech Sound Mapping Therapy Handbook available soon. 


Emma Hartnell-Baker advocates for integrating Speech Sound Mapping Therapy into daily activities, rather than scheduling 'lessons.' This approach is highly beneficial as it leverages natural, teachable moments throughout the day—at times when individual children are most receptive to learning. By incorporating this therapy into routine interactions at home or in early years education settings, parents and educators can optimise learning opportunities and enhance language development. This more 'natural' approach ensures that children engage with learning seamlessly as part of their everyday experiences, maximising their developmental potential as it is relevant, personal and playful.

Speech Sound Mapping enables very young children to connect speech sounds with 'pictures' of these sounds (Sound Pics) during everyday activities and while exploring spoken and written words. The ultimate goal is 'reading for pleasure,' which is why the 1,2,3 and Away series of over 150 books by Sheila McCullagh is used. This series, which inspired thousands of children to read—including those taught by Miss Emma in her first infants class—centres on the Story People who live in The Village With Three Corners 
Emma Hartnell-Baker's company The Reading Hut Ltd are the book publshers! 

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