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Emma Hartnell-Baker - Speech Sound Mapping Therapist

Miss Emma

Speech Sound MappingTherapist

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Speech Sound Mapping - We are Explorers! Word Mapping in the Early Years
Little Mappers with Miss Emma: Speech Sound Mapping Therapy

I am a Speech Sound Mapping Therapist, specialising in enhancing the speech, phonemic and orthographic awareness of babies and toddlers. Becoming avid readers before starting school is a by-product, not the goal.

The goal is to support speech and language development and the phonemic awareness necessary for reading and spelling with ease.

Speech Sound Mapping Therapy offers a unique solution for 'learners of concern' identified through early dyslexia screening for three- and four-year-olds (

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The Reading Hut - Little Mappers - Speech Sound Mapping Therapy

Emma Hartnell-Baker: Experienced EY Teacher, Team Leader, former OFSTED Inspector and SEN Teacher Trainer - Now Offering Speech Sound Mapping Therapy to Babies and Toddlers: Connecting Spoken and Written English. We are Code Mappers!

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