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Emma Hartnell-Baker - Speech Sound Mapping Therapist

Miss Emma

Speech Sound MappingTherapist

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Speech Sound Mapping - We are Explorers! Word Mapping in the Early Years
Little Mappers with Miss Emma: Speech Sound Mapping Therapy

I am a Speech Sound Mapping Therapist, specialising in enhancing the speech, phonemic and orthographic awareness of babies and toddlers without using letter names or 'letter sounds'. Becoming avid readers before starting school is often a by-product, as they understand the connection with the written form of speech, but it is not the goal.

The goal is to support speech and language development and the phonemic awareness necessary for reading and spelling with ease.

Speech Sound Mapping Therapy - utilising the PAM Program from The Reading Hut - offers a unique solution for 'learners of concern' identified through early dyslexia screening for 3- and 4-year-olds. 

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The Reading Hut - Little Mappers - Speech Sound Mapping Therapy

Emma Hartnell-Baker: Experienced EY Teacher, Team Leader, former OFSTED Inspector and SEN Teacher Trainer - Now Offering Speech Sound Mapping Therapy to Babies and Toddlers: Connecting Spoken and Written English. We are Code Mappers!

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